do i need a prescription to buy viagra in canada Ecri institutehtais topic list options   ecri homepage   contact ecri   new this month   print list   search content   topic list home ecri institute > htais topic list get more information: ecri member login request membership info  nonliver applications for magnetic resonance elastography excerpt: magnetic resonance elastography (mre) measures tissue stiffness. A sound wave is introduced through the tissue (usually generated from an ultrasound device), and the wave’s propagation is measured using standard magnetic resonance imaging (mri). Hotline literature searches the custom hotline service delivers answers to your questions about medical technology in as few as five business days. Each custom response includes a technology overview prepared by the same doctoral-level research analysts that develop ecri institute's comprehensive technology assessment reports as well as hyperlinked literature searches of published peer-reviewed literature, gray literature, and standards and guidelines provided by ecri institute's team of medical librarians and information specialists. Copyright © 2012 ecri institute contact ecri  |   new this month  |   search content  |   print list  |   topic list home. Home advanced search ebm search abdominal magnetic resonance elastography. The journal of the acoustical society of america [j acoust soc am] journal article abstract full citation related articles email this citation title abdominal magnetic resonance elastography. Author(s) yin m  institution radiology, mayo clinic, cc first street sw, rochester, mn 55905yin. Meng@mayo. Edu. Source j acoust soc am 2012 sep; 132(3):1981. Abstract many disease processes, both focal and diffuse, cause marked changes in cell and tissue mechanical properties. Magnetic resonance elastography (mre) is a magnetic resonance imaging-based technique for quantitatively assessing the mechanical properties of tissues based on the propagation of shear waves. Multiple studies have demonstrated mre can be successfully implemented to assess abdominal organs with many potential applications, from detecting diffuse disease processes to characterizing tumors. The first clinical application of mre to be well documented is the detection and characterization of hepatic fibrosis, which systematically increases the stiffness of liver tissue. cheap viagra online viagra for sale generic viagra online buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription viagra online In this diagnostic role, it offers a safer, less expensive, and potentially more accurate alternative to invasive liver biopsy. Emerging results also suggest that measurements of liver and spleen stiffness may provide an indirect way to assess portal hypertension. Preliminary studies have demonstrated that it is possible to use mre to evaluate the mechanical properties of other abdomin.